Aye, tough mermaids are, the lot of them.


Time is an illusion

“Time has wonderful way to show us what really matters.” -Margaret Peters Where do you put your time, part of your life you’re not able to get back? To job? Friends? Hobbies? Family? As all of those above are very important to me, now I put some of my time into me. I was doing …

Where I draw the line

Lines are important for my work. As in general, they separate stuff, and makes some sense in the chaos. They make you understand, where something ends, and the another thing begins. No matter is it a person, behavioural thing or a tattoo. As in tattooing, lines are the base to me, where on to build …

At the Sea

What I love in the sea, is its soothing, constant change. Ocean is mellow, calm and kind, but as well it is full of rage, stormy and cruel. And everything between. And it is it all that makes it so magical! You cannot control it, or pick the part you want out of it. When …

Rite of passage

As one story ends, new begins. Even Benjamin Button knew it, though his stranding techniques in clip above☝🏼 would get my ship wrecked pretty fast. (No matter how handsome Pitt is in the scene…)😍🤔😳 And between ends and beginnings, it is crucial to do the rite of passage: Really finish what was old, so one …

“Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is succes.”

– Henry Ford

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When you have an entourage assembled from finest sailors, there’s no space for pirates to join the ship's company.
Respect your shipmates. You’ve picked them, you become like them, and they become like you. You are as strong or weak as your crew is.

Mermaid tattoo

“Every man needs his Siren to check his courage and strength when he hears her song in his travels through the unknown.” ― Dejan Stojanovic One of my favorite themes of ocean related tattoos are mermaids, half women, half fish. Mermaids are so fascinating, as there not might be any other woman-archetype conjoined with so many …