“The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever.”

-Jacques Yves Cousteau


Photo by Nadi Hammouda.

Ocean is where I belong, it is a bliss to me. Salt waters are calling me back time after time, and all I can do is obey by form of boating, surfing and open water swimming.

Nowadays I work as a artist with tattoos and illustration commissions besides my studies. I’m from Finland, but work abroad too. Prior I was a tattooer with over 20 years heavy experience from the craft. I’ve held over ten years tattoo studios included tattooers and apprentices in Helsinki, until I decided to release my energies finally to myself and going forward. I work from a private studio on my home island, Utö, as well as in coastal Åbo. I’ve studied photography and graphic art printing, as well as psychology. Arts and human mind, specially subconscious and resilience enthralls me.

I’m a mom for two most radiating persons I’ve ever know. We’ve lived threesome all of our days. Kiddos have travelled with me around the world from New Zealand to Iceland, and have introduced me to the most pure perspective how to explore the world. My all and everything ❤

My values lies in honesty, kindness, compassion, loyalty, equality and good energies. I stand for my crew, and I expect it to stand for me. People protect what they love, so for me it is the ocean, my home island, my team and last but not least – my family.

On these pages you may find, how ocean binds all the aspects in my life together; Tattoo culture within sailors is strong, my art is maritime themed, all my sports happens at the sea and I live in the most beautiful island, Utö, in the middle of Baltic Sea. I named the blog after Bill Murray’s – one of my favorite actor – movie. Welcome to follow the adventures, where all our seas are taking me into.

Linda Räihä

Contact sheet below. Keep it simple, straight and honest, so we get most easiest way to the point:

linda @ lindaraiha.com

+358 500 420 923

As I’m often outdoors, studying or tattooing or present in current life, I’m not available often online/social media, nor I am not asap-fast with email answers or even carry phone all the times with me. But, when I answer, I do pay all my focus and thoughts on your contact with respect it deserves.

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