Own your story

We met on the road, as we were waiting to get our cars in the ship as both were homeward bound. She was traveling alone, I was on the road with my two kids and their dogs. We got a long, and sat down later for late night drinks.

She told me about her thousands and thousands stories from her travels; Stories about her terminal ill husband, about monkey her grandma got over seas and attitudes she gets when traveling alone as a woman (still so funny , that there are thoughts like that 😅). I told about my adventures, sailings, life choices and attitudes I get when traveling with my two kids. And we laughed!

Best things in the world are the most hardest ones. Rough decisions. Balls to do right when no-one else doesn’t have the courage. Being the only parent in kids’ lifes has been the greatest blessing I’ve ever got. When everyone told me, that I can not manage, I did. When everyone expected unhappy life, I made it happy. What I’ve found out, that “happy single mom” is a concept people are afraid of. And it sure is not a problem of mine.

It feels good to be on top of my own game. I count on my crew. We’ve had once again great road trip behind us, and there we were going back home. And my new acquaintance had her miles behind, and her shit together. She reminded me about a great book I’ve listened lately. “You can’t hurt me” by David Goggins is really welcomed view, really fresh to read. Specially when media is full of victimization and you hear all the time great marthyr stories, this guy says ”bohoo” and points out to look into mirror. I believe owning your story, and that book is all about it.

But the best thing to share with my new buddy, was the toughness she got over her story. I’ve heard so many times how insecure people say “I have to think now about myself” and then they go and do rude things. That’s not good selfishness. That’s just egocentrism, that somehow has thriven lately. Self-care and selfishness are two different things. Take care of your self, and remember you operate always in a community, and all actions do make an impact around you. If you were a doormat back in your days, and now have overcome it, don’t make others to be your doormat as you have ”empowered”. Be greater.

At the end this most mesmerizing video to put perspectives straight:

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