Being unplugged from social media has been awesome! What I’ve learned from dropping out 95% from almost all of my social medias?

Uhm, the difference is huge. It’s not steep change, just something you notice over a time. It is just like meditation, you first think nothing happens, but in the end, you notice your whole brain/mind has changed. As my New Year’s resolution, I promised to NOT to be busy. Busyness is a state of mind, and I choose not to use it. Social media adds up the feeling of busyness, as you need to post, answer, communicate, have different opinions, make statements, do polls, like/unlike, be interactive to raise algorithms and so on. It sure is good for your business, but is it for your mind?

Time is so relative, and all the sudden I got so much more time when leaving social media behind. Time to be with my loved ones. Time to work and study hard, which proves over 1,5 year studies are done in a 6 months, yes! And not even feel stressed or tired. Time with isolation was a joy for me as I got all the time in peace with my family, leaving social media out of it. And time to be very cautious of: Not sharing it with who ever, and be highly cautious about other’s energies.

Most of all, I feel I got my privacy back, got eliminated all unnecessary things and live in the present. And funniest thing was, that I am more connected than I ever was when using social media. Paradox of social media is, that it actually isolates us form others. In time of celebrities, it adjust our mindset to be mini-celebrities, which thrives us think egocentric ways. My studies with resilience via Pennsylvania University has only increased my thoughts with this experiment of mine, that egocentrism only makes us more miserable.

I still have my accounts. I still use them very random and rarely. Would I go back? If I need to use it for my work, maybe yes. In that case, I would probably hire a person to do it, as I am not a fan. Other side of this dropping out of social media is, that I don’t know so much things that are happening. I’ve learnt during the way, that I don’t need to know. But I do know, what is going on with my community, my friends, lovely loyal clients and my loved ones, I see them beyond matrix. Plus, I don’t have stalkers to analyze my life like it would be an episode from reality-tv judgment. By that I mean, that we have forgotten to call each other, meet in person. Instead we see the feed, and do bias base thinking about others life. Worst case, sadly, people start to talk shit about each other, as social media makes us envy others. And that, as well as these judging tv-realities, affects to your subconscious. Take care of it!


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