Solidarity Solitaire

Times are stormy indeed, but definitely not all is lost.

As I work as an entrepreneur besides my studies, most of my income has decreased, as it has happened to basically almost all my friends and colleagues. If someone did bankrupt before corona, people tend to look downs them, but now people are in same line and understand we’re all humans, and it could happen to all of us, no one of us is not above to judge each others.


Auction judge to be seen on Saturday

What I’ve learned within my studies about risk management, is that human mind tend to exaggerate dangers and risks, and other hand deny when life thretening risk is in front of us. Lizard brain inside of us makes us work like that, as under huge stress we tend to go into surviving: fight or flight (or freeze) mode. When we’re on that mode, we do not work rationally, and it is unhealthy for us.

Now is super important to keep calm and hold your horses and try to hold your nerves out of fight or flight, as these kind of situations leads quickly people to survive-mode by thieving and rob the ones wounded or in bad situation: Selling sanitizer with 500% increased prices, over priced collector charges, high rate loans to companies run in over debts and sales men forced selling products to quarantined elderly people.

So BE AWARE, stay awake. Care for your people, your community, and also pay attention how do you personally behave, as sometimes we don’t notice ourselves going into flight-or-flight.

I try to do my part as holding tiny auction for my art on Saturday 28th March at my Instagram stories. Come and see, I would appreciate so much for your effort if you purchase an art work at the time of corona. I also add my recommendations to stories of my fellow entrepreneurs who you can help too, so come along!

I strongly believe we will manage the hard times with solidarity though we have to go solitaire. Don’t forget to see that under crisis lies an option of new chances.

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