End & Beginning

As much as I love the tattooing itself, it has come finally the time to go forward. I have so mixed feelings, though this is not a decision made in one night. Not even one week, or a year decision.

I’ve spent over 20 years within the art of tattooing and in customer service. As I reflect the long road, strongest feeling what is left, is gratefulness. What the profession has given to me, was learning to draw professionally, draw fast, draw 3d, and draw a lot. Also understanding from human physiology, anatomy and specially mind has come aside. Though the work took from me a lot, it gave me a wonderful life and amazing opportunities to travel the world with my kids. It has been a journey, as I have been all the time the single mom taking care of my kids as the one and only parent, and faced all the question marks our existence make people to ask.

“Know the rules well, so you can break them effectively.”
– Dalai Lama

Being the entrepreneur, holding the vast responsibility by myself from work, people I’ve taught to profession of tattooing and my family, has made me understand, that there is no thing I can not survive from. I believe that The basic work has been all about hold your nerves together and not to do a mistake on someone else’s skin. All the pressure has made me a professional with organizing, timing, finding the core of all info, and know how not to be/feel busy even while doing a lot. The worst things that came up on the road, has turned out to teach me the most, and be ones that push me to right direction. After all, I’m more sure than ever, that good things, good thoughts, kind actions are the actions, that matter. For me, there is no bad thoughts to be carried on from this era, but I sure know, it is now in the past. What I take from these years, are blessings and amazing lessons with me💕

What I think first and last, are all the people with radiance and good heart I got to chance to work with. It is not the fame or fortune, but supporting, colleagues yes, but most the clients, that brought your warm thoughts and good heart to tattoo studio. I pay all my gratitude, it’s been an honor to tattoo you guys, and sharing amazing times under command of gods of tattooing. It is all about interaction done in good energy, and compassion towards each other even in hard situations.

Still, I’ve been on peoples skin so long, that it is time for me to do my drawings on paper. I still can do tattoo design if needed, and definitely do a tattoo every now and then for old buddies, but the tattoo business is not for me anymore. Tattoo craft has changed to industry, I have changed as a person, and so have all the people around. As the change is terrifying, it is liberating at the same time, letting go. And after finding the calmness within the feelings, you know it is the right thing to do. I started to work with illustrations now, and am super excited about new things. I’m currently working with new project, and I’m definitely open to all other illustrations now when available. At the same time I started to study, and I find it very easy and inspiring, as it is so motivating for me to go forward.


Do not underestimate the power of kindness. And do not mix kindness and being a doormat together. Being a doormat is being unkind to yourself. Be kind.


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