Mind over sea

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”

-Albert Einstein

As lately I’ve been studying the human mind, conflicts and decision making, it is so obvious yet surprising, how much we work on with our system1, unconscious with pre-programmed behavioral. Those two ways of operating in our brain are as opposite as weather of this special winter in Finland.

We all do have subconscious programs running. Se have positive ones, but surprisingly a lot of negative ones: we don’t even notice when we tend to judge easily others, spread rumors (no matter if they weren’t real), be double-face with smile and act really something else, envy and so on, and we don’t even notice these happening to us. Except the last feeling which is left on our own hands: really nasty feeling, and poor decision making afterwards. We’ve all been there. Do you know a person, who talks a lot of bad talks, and is really happy? I didn’t think so. Or a person, who tends get angry super easily, even brag about it, and be content afterwards? Nope. They really never are. Or a person who had done decision making based on others feelings or biases, who would be proud of his/hers actions. No-one. As a defence mechaninsm, one common used in these days, is to blame others. It is easier to say it was the others, than face the own guild.

What I pay my focus on, is the decisions and making of them behind all solutions: catastrophes, ended relationships, good company deals and so on. Specially at sea, you don’t want to do poor decisions, even under stress. As these days you tend to hear everyone saying, how stressed out they are, like it is a meter of how your doing in life, I started to pay my attention to hold my system down, as I’ve been there as well. More and more I study about decision making under stress, I tend to observe back and forth all the things I’ve seen, and understand how many decisions are made under pressure these days. And I come back with the thought of releasing your subconscious from negative patterns, and understanding how much energy that releases, and – helps you do better decisions.

So stay focused, what kind of programs, inner talk you are holding in thy self?🌝✨



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