Storm in a teacup

Best thing on island are the storms. Well, not the best, but in top ten. Not the most joyable thing, but most valuable with lessons about yourself.

Storms. They come, and they go… and they come back. While all the Gods of the Sea are mad and furious, and situation may look bad, all you do is hold your inner self out of the storm. Mastering to keep yourself calm and sharp without letting fear take the lead, eases the way out alive with wise decisions made. After all, you know all will calm down, sooner or later. Have some faith, all will be coming clear and visible, nothing stays hidden forever.

People who carry storms inside themselves, create and spreads ones around them, too.

We all do so sometimes, but trick is to stop the storm early enough. We don’t remember those who left us when it was the worst part of storm. We remember those, who we stood with. Be someone worth remember for. As the world’s most best neighbor of mine tends to say: “Tough times don’t last. Tough people do.” And then laughs her loud archipelago laugh 😅💕

As all the fall storms are rising and waters are getting colder and darker, I am expanding my work space to Åbo, city near coastline and archipelago, as my routes end up there for other reasons too.  If we’re right for each other, I’ll be more than happy to do your tattoo for you there as well. As I’m doing illustrations as my hobby, I keep getting these left over designs suitable for tattooing. Still available for the fastest one. Don’t bother to copy, only I can make them to be right 😉

And yess, sun will shine after all.



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