Our days at sea

People ask quite often when on island “So, what do you do here then? Like how do you spend your days?”. It is super interesting, as nobody asked it from me when we lived in the city. Question is related to “Where are you children?” when you’re out having a good time, or “How can you travel with you children?” when my family of three travelled around the world. It is understandable to ask questions about something that is new, I do just the same, but it sure makes me realize, how different is basic life without hurry and constant stress. You don’t need to become something on the island, you are already and it is enough. Titels do nothing here, everybody do everything if needed, so nobody cares if you’re tattooer, CEO or student.

So what we do here? We work, do our chores, I write and do tattoos, but something here we pay our focus on and I want to underline is the gratitude. Gratitude of being able to live in the paradise like this. People I love here the most, do care about the society here. They think community first instead of that poor super individualism rolling over good things. Would be pretty akward to get these “So what do I get over this?”, “I’m better than..”, “My rights are…” and “I’m titled to…”, as those just don’t fit in archipelago.

As gratitude is something where we put quite a lot energy, it might be hard to understand that it is something we do here if it is a new thing. It might seem, that we have nothing to do here, if person who asks is used to get a lot of stimulus and activation, a lot of rush, parties, social media attention, tinder, meetings, stimulants like alcohol/drugs, happenings, drama and so on. It is so different world, that I totally understand, why people do wonder, what we do here. Gratitude is not settling for less, instead it is giving your more by form of wide perspective. 

It was just the same, as I realized years back, how hard it was for people to understand that single mom can travel the world with two toddlers. Life is too short to accept narrow social stereotypes, it never was for me anyway. But gratitude was. And people do mix it with being in debt to someone, and some people do use it as a form of manipulation by making people to be in debt of gratitude. I never assumed someone is in debt for me for me helping someone, nor I never took the debt part tried to be given to me. And believe me, some people really tried it so many times. 😀 If the appreciation is gone, there comes the thought of someone in debt, and easily kindness is considered as weakness if not enough wiseness is present. And that what I love in these archipelago people who came close to me. They are there for each other with gratitude, appreciation and respect. When they’re content, helping is not a trade.

So that is what we do here on our days at sea.

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