Votive ships of Seili

Seili is an island in inner archipelago located north to Nagu at 60°14.4′N 021°57.7′E. I’ve been waiting to pay a visit on the island, as it has super interesting/horrifying history as a leprosy island and later a madhouse for mentally ill women, what ever that ment back in the days!

As I’ve been into islands, it is interesting that in all around the world tends to be islands for humans sent out from society: Molokai in Hawaii for leprosy, as well as Spinalonga next to Crete island in the Mediterranean. Sprogø in Denmark had history for holding women not behaving well. And the reasons for not to belong in the society could be as diagnoses like “menstrual hysteria” etc. Makes me wonder how much we do stuff on these days, that future humans will be terrified when they look back into 2019, as they must have gain more knowledge.

Yup, knowledge and understanding each other is so important, even though we’re not the same kind. As we visited this island, it was my highlight to make a new friend on the particularly island. Sometimes you just see a small sparkle in the persons eye, and you know straight away you guys are going to have good time. And on islands that is a blessing. People, who appreciate what they have now, are running with so good fuel. You don’t need more and more, it is all there now. So, this woman living there was totally worth to meet, puss J and thanks for the best guide tour. Also meeting all the sudden these other amazing island women around the archipelago was something to introduce to my guest there.

It is a bit same what you have included in votive ships around archipelago churches, like in one in main picture on this post: Sailors used to donate it for the church as for gratitude staying alive in bad seafaring circumstances, or advanced to hope to survive from knows storms ahead. Like these women, they’ve seen some storms, so they do are happy with what they have now. And to underline, being happy what you have, is not settling for less. 🤩😍

Go to Seili, hear the stories.

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