Kära vän

A good, old friend is as a word something that makes me smile every time.

They say, we need each other, but when all the neediness worn out totally during the decades of friendship, it leaves just two old buddies to walk side by side. Often people are doing trade in their relationships: You give and get something, and sadly you see often people getting used of getting, forgetting to give too.

Friendship for me is sharing our happiness, not using anyone or let anyone use me in the disguise of “friendship”. Good old friend is like co-walker, who has seen you in so many different lives you lived inside your lifetime, and you’ve seen theirs. When you have a friend you don’t need to occupy he/her to maintain the all attention intensively, you get time to breath between. Instead of needing each other, we start to share. And when that kind of old friend you meet once again after a while, it is very triggering, by all positive meanings 😉

Most best and memorable parties I’ve been into, have been with this certain old friend of mine, and we sure do have sailor stories to tell from those years. When you’ve had your teenage years, great and not so great love-stories to shared side by side, most stressful and worst hardships in life, the most biggest joys, babies born, losses like loved ones buried to the ground, all the colorful life lived together with shared adventures, you’re having something so unique by form one have seen your core ripped of the ego and needs. That kind of knowing activates your party gene instantly, as that is something to celebrate for.

So, as that old buddy of mine sails here on to sunny outer archipelago, steps on the rocky island, and there are summer ball in the village, it doesn’t take more that one look, and you know the night is going to be long 😄😄

“Joy, collected over time, fuels resilience.”

-Brené Brown


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