Tranquil midsummer

enlight607Turning point, summer solstice. Days have been good on rocky islet, specially the absence of rush and hurry have made our days here. We’ve still had a lot to do here. One of the most valuable thing in archipelago is the time vacuum, though it doesn’t mean you don’t work or do a lot. It is just doing without the rush. For me, I do a lot more and better, when not having a busy life, you have time to keep your eyes on horizon.

Looking at the vast horizon here does great stuff to your wiring, after all, your eyes are the outermost extension of your brain. It kind of calibrates your system, let your eyes rest. Old trick knows as when seasick, is to look to the horizon, and you start feeling a bit better. When your eyes at the horizon and calm mind, you forget to create the hurry in life. I just read several books in a row, and one of them stated, that rush is a man made choice.

Midsummer celebration was fun, after all work done, it was super nice to dance through the night with the villagers and enjoy sunny days on islets near of Utö and tell jokes to each other. Summer solstice means, that winter is coming! 😀


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