Winds change fast

One old wise woman I call my mother, used to say every now and then, that “tuulet muuttuvat nopeasti” –winds do change fast. And during my journeys, it has came in my mind again and again.

Nothing really is solid and permanent, except change. And that seems to be scary for us human kind, as we love to seek changeless, stable things, as we tend think those things are safe and secure. At the ocean, your safeness lies in yourself, how do you trust in YOU. Do you trust the surroundings, crew, winds, and they will keep steady all the time? They won’t.  And it is perfectly normal. Instead, do you trust in you – how to navigate in changing winds? That requires training. Or do you trust in yourself, how to surf on waves big enough? Or do you trust that those waves will keep holding you nicely? The won’t. You need to trust in yourself, and say no when the swell is too big.

World is not so scary place, when you find some security inside you. And while training, learning, making those fail interpretations, you learn. Accepting failure, is crucial for learning. And don’t get me wrong, you DO need others. Most best thing in life, is to share it with crew that knows themselves. When you know you, you are open enough let others know you too. It is called relationship. 😍❤️

Situations, people, circumstances and winds may let you down, if you don’t read them right. Your intuition is pretty often right (not always!), it is unconscious information you didn’t have time to process yet. That’s your solid, safe spot. I think it is crucial to trust in yourself, love thy self. Then you hear yourself, don’t disrespect your own notices, perceptions. There is no one that will make you happy. You need to be that by yourself. Afterwards you can SHARE your happiness, but you can’t alone make some one happy, or expect one to make you. I guess, it is called love. Count your blessings, now, and respect that. 

And what I love in those free winds? Newton’s third law. If you’re hit by force of wind, you produce the same amount of force in yourself not to fall. There is always the existence of counterforce. It goes in sailing, surfing, tattooing, collectives and relationships. And you know what? The old saying – what doesn’t break you, makes you stronger. Though that doesn’t mean no marks nor cracks were left behind, those that learn from. In archipelago everything is exposed to heavy winds. All the floral and vegetation is strong here. Not all thrives here, you just need to know your powers, what it takes, and how many storms have you seen ☺️<3

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