Island Fever

There is a concept of feeling isolated and not getting out, certain kind of claustrophobia called island fever. It’s said to be most strongest on islands far away at the sea, like Hawaii and similar, but it occurs on every island, even in my home island. Though I definitely love this rocky islet in outer archipelago, I need to have small get out.

So what we do? We go on another island 😀 Even just small trip over ocean cures you from island fever, but now we went little bit further, to Bornholm, beautiful danish island. The reason we picked another island for our easter holidays, is the ISLAND TIME: Time vacuum created by ocean’s presence, as they say. I value it highly in modern life rush. My brains kind of melted during our trip, as I read Carlo Rovelli’s book The order of time.

Bornholm was a great jewel in the Baltic Sea, with emerald green and bright water. I’ve never seen our ocean so well being state, and sure made me want to work more for our local ocean. We were traveling on the road, and stopped where ever we wanted, and stayed over night where we happened to end. We visited also even smaller island next to Bornholm, super small archipelago called Christiansø. We were lighthouse watching and got quite a collection of lighthouses throughout those islands.

No matter how charming that danish island was, and how joyful those islanders were and how much we enjoyed the views through our journey, best thing was getting back to our harsh Utö. There is no other island with no-bullshit-attitude but joyful neighbors, amazing landscapes and our island time. Good to be back home under sunny archipelago.

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