Human factor


Swallows do migrate quite a trip.

Spring brings all the migration birds here on the island. Among them, waters have brought people to have a tattoo here. It is always halting to work with high energy people, you’ll never get tired to meet open minds.

After meeting many of these inspirational persons, I came in conclusion that there is few factors common in these radiant persons: One of them I’d like to focus on now, is tolerance for failure, accepting mistakes. It takes to be brave to face those kind of things. Perfectionism is too often denying the presence of possibility of a mistake, which I consider short-sighted thinking. There are always odds for mistakes, even black swans. For example: If surgeon tells me it’s all okay and there are no risks with the possible procedure, I would be worried badly. If surgeon instead tells me the odds and risks openly, I would consider him/her reliable authority with visibility allowing me to do my decision with respecting my own will power.

When one is accepting personal lacks besides all so called good features, like negative sides and human ability to make mistakes, they are a lot more trustworthy to deal with, as they know & trust on themselves and are aware of mistakes. Then one is in lead of thyself. Then they can manage not to do fatal errors. It’s like having a lifesaver when man over the board.

Mistakes in graphic art printing opened me a whole new world: to create something new from a mistake, because mistakes are irreversible when carving copper. If making a mistake in tattoo, the good tattooer knows how to hide it and keep the tattoo still amazing. There are no tattooers, no surgeons, no flight pilots etc, who hasn’t done mistakes. It’s all about dealing with them, and not repeating the same mistake. Then you avoid major ones.


Interwiev on about Filip Leu, one of my favorite tattoo artists from all the times.

Shame after mistake is so last season. Accepting, learning from it, making things better and knowing the odds is so much wiser. Those stuff make you radiate🤩

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