Rent A Finn

Fun! You never know what leads to on new stuff 😀 As I tend to like people, I end up to meet all kinds of persons on my way. I’ve never cared outer titels nor how big is your cash balance, instead I cared how people treat each other, and can I laugh with them. (Important!) Once I met randomly on Schiphol Airport this inspirational and fun lady Anna, while I was traveling threesome with my kiddos on a work trip. We liked each others energies, and kept in touch and followed our lives on different sides of Atlantic Ocean.

One day she sent me link to apply to VisitFinland program called Rent A Finn. “You guys should do this!” she said, and my buddy said “Why not?”. What I like in him, is that he approaches things with positive attitude instead of thinking just “WHY?”. So, here we are, part of super good energy campaign to introduce the nature of our beautiful home land, Finland. Nature that need to be taken care of: Remember to check BSAG and their good work for our Baltic Sea.

img_1389So, go check our lovely fellow guides Petri (coast & archipelago), Juho (Helsinki & surroundings), Hanna (lakeland), Timo (lakeland), Katja (Helsinki city), Esko (Lapland) and Laura & Joni (Lapland) and definitely VisitFinland from Instagram, they are adorable! We had good times together while filming, and when meeting all these crazy finns, it made us wanting to take a tour on their destinations too. Nice to be part of this kind of good energies.

And of course, APPLY TO COME VISIT US! Welcome to share few beautiful days with us in outer archipelago in a small village with our best fellow villagers. Read the news about our village. Utö ❤

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