Community over competition


One of my bright client D has brought this line to my awarness, and I totally agree. Community works with good communication. In all branches, on micro-, macro-, meta layers. Individual is affluent, when community is content, and community is content, when there is no ego and vested interests overriding common interests. Individual has to take care of these by oneself and by together to keep community healthy. Monetary power can be used in good too, it is not all evil. It is all about the people handling it, and so the individual responsibility there needs the focus of community on these lads who wears the suits. I’ve been following few finnish business influencer, and their good causes resonates far. Check these women out on afterwave of International Women’s Day just passed by: Oona Hagman and Camilla Tuominen.

Community works on environment around it, and it works badly if surroundings are in war with it. As tattooing and living on a small island, I’m happy to take care of environmental causes, as the sea and the waste we make. We burn almost all waste and use the heat of the process for cooking, recycle all metal, low down our water usage, we don’t spend money for crazy shopping and so on. Our general waste has low down so much, that it hasn’t been possible in the city. Optimal surroundings to minimize waste are important.

When people wants to posses things, individual ego and ownership often rides over good causes, and you get conflicts. People start to think, what they are lacking, instead of what they are getting. Martti Ahtisaari, former president of Finland, has experienced of peace negotiations Nobel worthy. I look up his perspectives of thinking in these kind of situations: Instead of SHARING the pie, you should focus on GROWING the pie. Win-win.

So for our collective oceans and nature, my individual move was invest on protected natural forests in beautiful finnish archipelago, Kustavi. And as gifts for my kiddo’s birthdays, I got chance to teach to our pseudo twins something special to share for. Now we have good cause to go and see this beeeeeaaaaaautiful nature, for the collective cause, and show to the next generations they can affect to it. I got the inspiration again from my client, this time H, thank you for being you ❤

Don’t be in war with nature.

“All conflicts can be resolved. Wars and conflicts are not inevitable. They are caused by human beings. There are always interests that are furthered by war. Therefore those who have power and influence can also stop them. Peace is a question of will.
– Martti Ahtisaari

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