img_8601As it is about us, not just one individual, we must be aware of impressions left behind. Tattoos are visible marks, and you should consider them with all that respect, that some are open to show them, no matter what kind of prints they are.

Everything we do, hear, touch and are in interaction with, leaves an impression. It is up to us, what kind of stamp we want it to be. Your intentions, agenda, feeling and old stains and positive marks defines your UNDERCURRENT. What kind of energies are flowing there? What have you left there? It makes us do the choices in the present, as undercurrents lead our ways while not noticing.

If you are aware of your unconscious undercurrent, you may affect to it, too. You can clean it up, remove trash and unwanted stains. You can mold it. And eventually undercurrents will come to visible, within time.  We, as a tattooers, work on that. We hear your signs, and make something visible from the invisible streams with short amount of time.

That’s why it is important specially for us tattooers, to take care of our own currents and maintain them regularly. If you add there something you wish or dream for, it will automatically manifest in your life. It is the ability to make dreams come true. And also the other way🤔

“…for when you gaze long into the abyss. The abyss gazes also into you.”

― Friedrich W. Nietzsche




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