Checking the course

I’ve met many people on my adventures, and some of them I’ve called difficult. I’ve changed my opinion on them. These days, I see, I just didn’t understand them, and they did not understand me. Sometimes the lack of understanding leads you to wrong course. It may be just one degree wrong on the map at first, but after a year, you’ve sailed beautifully to the rocks.


That’s why I think it is important to check the course every now and then. Even, if you don’t feel it’s necessary, “no biggie”. Specially, when running a tattoo studio. For me, it is the question “How have you enjoyed being (place your name here)?” It’s funny question, as at first people tend to ask back: “What did you just said?” 😀 But it is important question. Though I am a local nut, I’m not just a nut 😀 By that question, you have to reflect yourself and the surroundings you’re operating in. And when were interacting with each other, we need to have checking points, as we’re understanding the route plan then. Checking the course, is also caring the crew, and respecting interaction between us.compassandanchor

You hear often people call others difficult. Many of my important humans in my life has been called as difficult. I see them as one of the most strongest, radiant, straight, honest and sensitive persons. I’ve been called difficult, often when I ask for equal negotiation. It makes me study the theme. As a conclusion in general, the concept of difficult often is, that the “difficult” doesn’t do as the opposite wants/needs/hopes. So again, it is endogenous, all about you. When you call someone difficult, leave. You’re not a match. And that is okay, too. If you don’t know how to NEGOTIATE in disagreement situations, leave instead of starting a war. If you want to stay anyway, answer is in you, it is on your responsibility. What do you try to face in yourself? As a aftermath, think being called difficult, is a badge of honor. (Being a douchebag, is just being a douchebag. Don’t mix these together.)

Check your courses. Know your route. (Get a pilot if you don’t.)

The people whom you find most difficult to deal with can also be your most valuable teachers. For your problems with them are not really due to how they are, but rather to how you respond to how they are.
Learn to deal successfully with difficult people, and you learn valuable lessons about yourself. Work to relate positively to difficult people and you develop skills that can serve you well in many other challenging situations.
People are the way they are. Get past the need to try to change them, past the need to judge or condemn, and look for the value they offer. Sometimes that value is deeply hidden, and when you find it you’ve found a real treasure, something few people take the time to uncover. In every difficult person you encounter, make a point to look past the difficult part and focus your attention on the person part.
The other people with whom you interact are mirrors that help you to see things within yourself. With some people, that mirror can be difficult to view, yet when you have the courage to do so, the rewards can be many and great.
— Ralph Marston


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