Home harbor

Oh, it really happened. My home is in the middle of the beloved Baltic Sea, on a small island Utö. And it feels so right.

You know, you pretty often move, when you are FORCED TO: you are divorcing, you have plumbing renovation coming ahead, you don’t want to live by yourself anymore, your landlord is selling your flat or you just don’t get along, your financials dropped and can’t manage mortgage anymore, neighbors sucks, local daycare is terrible and so on…

This move for my family was one of the hardest ever: we were not forced to move. We were not running away of something, we were moving to something.

All was good like it was. Everything was actually super fine: Our flat was cozy with a view and nice neighbors. Kids lived nicely next to their bilingual school. I had short way to the best studio with most radiant colleagues to work with. I’ve never been rich, but I could afford to gain living for my two kids by myself.

We still felt, it was the right thing to do. Go simple. Give up to some things, let things go. And it was a long process, probably around a year or more to give mentally space to know how to do it right. Clean the table, keep right energies there and throw old weight away. And I really was afraid sometimes, nervous, questioning myself and stressed out. I didn’t feel bold at all, I just thought it was the right thing to do. The sea was calling.


Before storm.

And here I am with my kiddos. Happier than ever. All them I call friend, and my kids buddies are still there, and we are for them. ❤️ Our collective tattoo studio in Helsinki is still running with respect, and we still work together and support each other. I am available for important people, though we’re not all the time in contact distance. Everyone, everything falled in their right places, within time. It feels good.


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