Feliz Navidad


Seasons greetings!

I love family celebrations, it is a party after all. And parties are celebration of JOY:

Joy, collected over time, fuels resilience. – Brené Brown

I tend to spend a lot of time tuning presents, baking and thinking of people I hold dear to me. I see happy times in celebrations like these. It is the time, I want to invest to people, and family celebrations.

Commercial Christmas is not for me. I really don’t like someone telling me what to buy or eat or get for presents. I like to do it by myself. And this year it was all about RECYCLING. Gaining/spending tons of money doesn’t resonate with my idea of x-mas.

I didn’t by single new gift, instead I found all recycled from tori.fi, made by myself or saw something at home by buddies love to get. Even kiddos got what they hoped for, even it is not new. I’m not super orthodox with my recycling, as I had our family Christmas cards ordered, and do not grow my own food etc. I think it’s the small moves that matter, they become bigger rivers all together in the big picture.

So, have good thoughts, enjoy your holidays, spend time with your loved ones. Here is my family’s seasons greetings below, illustrated by me, posed by our family I hold dear. Including our ship-dog Helmi 😀 (No animals, nor kids were harmed, all is created by proCreate/iPadPro!))

Green Christmas to all!

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