Protect what you love

When I started tattooing, people looked down our profession, and associated it with negative images. I, personally, saw a form of art, even so many others didn’t.

It is great that today, I can use my profession for good cause: art for our oceans. I never would’ve believe that, if someone would have told me that in my early career days. After all, there was time, when tattooing wasn’t so socially tolerated. Less they knew, that tattooing was the best profession on earth. ❤️😍

Today they do know, there is no strong negative stigma no more. Most typical client is untypical. I’ve tattooed museum workers, fire fighters, stock market companies board members, journalists, judges, students, artists, photographers and so on.

As times have changed, I was working for SeaShepherd in Amsterdam to raise funds to their work to protect ocean wild life. Was fun to meet old school tattooer Geert Vons, man behind the tattoo movement for the seas. Amsterdam was good to us, even we escaped pretty soon to the ocean shore after work. Thank you for the best traveling company, my buddy Tiina, and my veeeery energetic kiddos.

People protect what they love.

– Jacques Yves Cousteau

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