Time is an illusion

“Time has wonderful way to show us what really matters.”

-Margaret Peters

Where do you put your time, part of your life you’re not able to get back? To job? Friends? Hobbies? Family?

As all of those above are very important to me, now I put some of my time into me. I was doing nothing special. Except surfing. I enjoyed my wasted time, so it is not really wasted. Idle time actually reboots your creativity, and does crazy stuff to your wiring. For me, it is a investment into myself and my energies to use again into what I love. And it was fun to waste some time with old friend Kapa, I travelled with to Portugal coastline – Porto Novo, Santa Cruz, Ribamar, Ericeira, Sagres, Lagos, Vilamoura, Faro, Lisboa – to celebrate her b-day. You still keep learning new stuff eachother after decades of knowing, even after crossing the Atlantic together. I love the idea, that human will remain to mystery till the end of time.

Wasting time for being miserable and trusting wrong people time after time, is wasting life. Source of trust is miscommonly pointed into others, instead of yourself. You should trust yourself, your notes from other peoples behaviour, your gut feeling. If there is someone smiling always towards you and then passive-agressively talks shit behind you, trust that one will be that in the future too. If someone loves to have parallel relationships besides you time after time, he/she is trustworthy being unfaithful in the future. People have the right to be what they are, and you have a right to say if you don’t dig it. Talking about, confronting the issue, is called relationship: It is kind of closing a deal. It’s up to you, is that deal something worth for closing and put signatures underneath.

Portugal has always been good to me. I really missed my kiddos during the trip, as they are the best on the water, and in every way actually😅☝🏼. I specially missed them, as I was passing by the same spots we’ve been together.

You don’t plant the seed and eat the fruit same day, they say. So do things drop into their right places within time, when you don’t force them.

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