Where I draw the line

Lines are important for my work.


Available design.

As in general, they separate stuff, and makes some sense in the chaos. They make you understand, where something ends, and the another thing begins. No matter is it a person, behavioural thing or a tattoo.

As in tattooing, lines are the base to me, where on to build the whole tattoo. Sometimes you need to make them really aggressive, thick lines, but not to forget thin and delicate lines. Depending the situation, just like in life. If you don’t know where your lines are, all you colors get blurry within the time, and there is no blame to others.

Black is they keyword with tattoos, black is the color that makes your colors come vivid, tattoo to last long, specially within the lines. Color lines are something you do need time to time, but used wisely, WITH the black. Black gives you the structure, just like hardships in life. You just need them to see the colors.

When you know your lines, you know where to pull them. When someone tells their own lines, you don’t cross them. It is called respect. People, who don’t know their personal boundaries, will constantly cross others, too. For me, the ultimate tool to make them lines, are coil machines. What’s yours?

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