At the Sea

What I love in the sea, is its soothing, constant change. Ocean is mellow, calm and kind, but as well it is full of rage, stormy and cruel. And everything between. And it is it all that makes it so magical! You cannot control it, or pick the part you want out of it.

When you leave to the sea, you always forgo something. You kind of miss it, and moment of leaving is always wistful. But, while on sea, you’re the most happiest: Though ocean takes a lot, she always gives more back.

I was again on my happy place with with my fellow sailorette Riina. We got guests on the board of Anjou, and faced first mellow sunset sailing towards BloodMoon. Baltic Sea gave its most beautiful side to us! We hitched to this secret getaway spot, small beautiful rocky island on a heatwave. Ocean was +27°C and moment stood still. While getting back it was tight 13m/s tailwind.

At the sea perspectives are always wider, and all things go on their right places, no matter how hard wind bursts you get on your face. While homewardbound, you miss your loved ones, and the feeling is surreal back on shore: You swing, are physically exhausted but happy, though you feel foreign and strange in the city again. And though you know you can see your loved ones, you know you have to go again sooner or later.

Mood of coming back.



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