Mermaid tattoo

“Every man needs his Siren
to check his courage and strength
when he hears her song
in his travels through the unknown.”
― Dejan Stojanovic

Mermaid tattoo desing by famous Sailor Jerry.

One of my favorite themes of ocean related tattoos are mermaids, half women, half fish. Mermaids are so fascinating, as there not might be any other woman-archetype conjoined with so many subconscious meanings.

Mermaids are seen in other hand as incomprehensible beauties with qualifications of almost god-like, radiant females, but as well as luring, plotting and evil sirens, which you can blame for deaths of sailors. And, idea of mermaid typish women is global, check all these legends around the globe

Back in days, when sailors risked their life through our seven seas, superstitious beliefs were in common. Sea was unpredictable, and you never knew when your life ended (which is still valid for all of us!). Among sailors through ages lived a story of sirens seducing men with their unseen beauty and mesmerizing singing. They were seen so magical, that men had no will power against them, and got themselves to shipwrecked, drowned to the sea. So through this perspective of men fighting against their lusts and dangers inside their mind, – which is understandable as back in days ships’ sailors were almost all men -, sailors wanted to have mermaid tattoo to bring good luck towards sailing conditions, protection against dangers of the sea, and respect for the ocean’s beauty. After all, mermaids are reflection of anima from sailor psyche.

In the other hands, mermaids are symbolising of transformation and ability to travel through different worlds, which is a superpower among us. Mermaids are not basic females that sailors could take home and marry. They are controversial with their essence, and I would call them rebels with their longing for freedom. So, pretty wild archetype of woman from abyss, and I sure like to tattoo these creatures. Bring your sea creature ideas to me ❤

Close-up for making of mermaid tattoo.

2 thoughts

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