Sustainable swimwear

At the same time, as we spend millions to find a habitable planet for human kind to live on, we consume worth of millions to destroy this planet we’re already on.


My beautiful client Monna wearing tattoo I’ve made and Halla x Halla one piece as I’am wearing one too on cover photo. Check out Monna’s blog!

Consuming wisely makes me happy as well as buying less. I’m not orthodox recycler, but I do mi best. Recycling is the main thing. I buy new stuff very rarely, I hate shopping anyway. World changes by small steps: You don’t need to be zero-waste-vegan living fully self-sufficient, organic agriculture to be a part of the change. Even small conscious choices can make a difference towards nature well-being.

Most of the stuff I think I need, I really DON’T NEED. I like to wear out all my stuff, fix them, patch them, cut them and so on. Saves your munny too. So if I need something new, like bathing suit, I try to find as eco-friendly product as I can. I’m super happy, as there are a lot of sustainable companies these days. I picked my latest bathing suit from this finnish company Halla x Halla. Support locals! These ladies are making one pieces and bikinis from fabric made of recycled ocean plastics: bottles and fishing nets. I say yes.

There are also cool stuff from Ocean Zen Bikini from Australia, rash guards from Fourth Element from UK, Finisterre making swim wear of microplastics, Azura Bay in the US making sustainable bathing suits and lingerie, and so on. World wide web is full of brands and companies making better, eco-friendly, cool and good looking choices for your swim wear. You may find other products as yoga pants and sports wear made from recycled ocean plastic trash too. Thumbs up for this kind of development.

Other’s trash is other’s treasure: Recycling by getting this bikini from my buddy who wanted to get rid of these never used ones.

No need to tell how our oceans are filling with garbage, produced by us. I also enjoy the idea, that by taking personal responsibility of my waste and how I consume, I can be part of cleaning that shit from our oceans.

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