Hunt of Hiiumaa lighthouses

Around Baltic Sea hides many amazing lighthouses, and we went to hunt few of them down in Hiiumaa island, Estonia. Originally we were in Estonia with my buddy JM to find some surf, but most of the time conditions were better for searching lighthouses, so we decided head up  by car to Hiiumaa with ferry ride.

Ristna lighthouse.

Hiiumaa has surf spot Ristna, where next to lays this old Ristna lighthouse. Man, I have “kind of” fear of hights, but JM kindly opened me that stress is all about wanting things to be different. Fear is enormous amount of stress. Sometimes stress is good for you, but in long term it is totally crappy thing to bare, and not so recommendable choice to make. So – to handle stress, start changing things, or start to accept things as they are. And in top of that windy lighthouse, 37 m above sea level, without any safe equipments, I tried to accept my super stressing fear of hights step by step: Not so great success 😀

Tahkuna lighthouse.

Second round with beaaaautiful Tahkuna lighthouse was a lot more better, even it was over 42 m from sea surface. With that kind of views onto sea you just don’t feel any stress, just bliss. Tahkuna lighthouse, originally ordered from Eiffel factory – Paris- back in the days, was mesmerizing as well as was the sun setting down in front of it.

In Hiiumaa you can find third lighthouse, Kõpu. It’s said to be oldest lighthouse in Baltic Sea, and it is very different than first two introduced. I’m quite happy, that there I didn’t need to test my stress anymore. The whole Island was so mellow, that you can not experience any stress there anyway, except if you’re anxious about hights. Check out these pictures place gave us while driving around and exploring: Waking up into sunrise and seeing while nature is getting ready for night ❤

Happy camper 🙂

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