Kids Art Society for our oceans

Team work!

Kids are awesome. They are so open and full of good will.

Art is extraordinary, yet so natural way of finding solutions, and that is something I love to amplify and support within kiddos. I hold this educational art society for children, where we find creative solutions for ocean conservation issues.

It is so inspirational to see, how kids brainstorm together, find their personal solution for problem, and make a meditative state to make it concrete by form of art. When you practice see solutions instead of problems, you can bring your creativity to all branches of life it self.

This is my pro bono thing to do for our oceans, and I get a lot out of it just by hanging with unselfish, creative people -kids. Every time we meet, we focus on one issue our oceans are struggling with. Like today it was bottom trawling, and all the threats it does to ecosystem. We found inspirational bycatch organisms, and talked about what we would invent to protect them and our environment. And this is my favorite part – Kids get the most craziest ideas without limits, so we paint them out with different techniques I’m teaching to kids at the same time. That kind of thinking intensifies your wiring inside of growing brain for finding unexpected answers. It is like multilayer math, different formulas will lead to the right answer, or existing several right answers.

One of the most coolest part of doing art, is how these kids are learning how making mistakes is actually an option: Every thing has at least two sides -good and bad-, and the perspective is just up on us. Do we choose to see it as a major fail, or do we see there a chance to some new, more creative paths? It is all about our ability to change our pre-programmed thinking and need for control.

Can’t wait until next time our Art Society for Oceans meets again, maybe we have one future Boyan Slat in this squad ❤ If you’re interested of our work, don’t hesitate to contact 🙂

New wave kids.

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