Kids breaking waves

White wash.

Catalonia, I love Catalonia. As one of my favorite friend has moved there, we had a good reason to do some tattoos and surf there on our autumn break.


Mediterranean sea is not famous of its swell like Spain’s San Sebastian is, but combined with kids it is super nice for small human beings on the boards. There are few spots around Barcelona, which of we visited Barceloneta and Sitges. As I had time to catch up with my buddy Janni, kids were having good time on the water.

Madre y tita.

When you’re a kid, you don’t have all prejudices and performing attitudes and major goals, you just enjoy the stuff you’re doing. And that’s so enjoyable to watch. Sometimes few lucky individuals tend to maintain that magic core feeling over to adulthood and beyond, and that can be seen when they catch their waves or whatever their thing is.​

​And that’s why kids learn so fast. After my children started surfing in age 3 & 4 in Portugal, they’ve gone far. Can’t help to sneak peak to the future dreams, when we all three can paddle far more out together and maybe share a wave… That feeling on the board is something I want to leave as a legacy for my kiddos.

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