enlight98Old school printmaking is a adorable think to practice.

As everything is so disposable in this time, fast and measurable in quarter economics, graphic art is not. It takes enormous amount of time to make a single plate, and after that actual printmaking with inks and wet papers is another task to do.

And that’s why I love it. When loading time with something or someone, you gain value in it. Making a major, undoable mistake with your copper plate puts you in situation, when you just have to accept it and find the new path with your work.

It is totally different from working with iPadPro, which I love too, but I don’t get that mindfulness and meditative feeling with electronic devices. Printmaking leaves space for mistakes and errors, human touch.

I own a lot to my teacher Anna-Maija Mattila-Selin, who is one of the humblest person to work and learn from. And of course, most of my subjects and themes are ocean related, as is this lighthouse below. When you’re not in the sea, sea is in you.

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