Designing a tattoo



Tattoo designing definitely needs good co-operation between a tattooer and a client. Sometimes it reminds a bit of mind reading.

There are as many ways to design a tattoo, as there are tattooers. Still, when having and idea of tattoo you wish your tattooer to design for you, think in general few things for advanced:

  • Idea of the tattoo: Is it a heart, is it a snake, what do you wish it to symbolize/mean?
  • Style: Check styles of different tattooer’s portfolios, so you find the style you resonate with the most. Is it color, realistic, black&grey, dot-work, neo-traditional, new school and so on?
  • References: Get something together, your own drawing of the idea (even a quick sketch is good info). Reference pictures of the style or positioning is good, even though good tattooer never copies fellow tattooers work.
  • Placing: Where do you want to place your tattoo. Your tattooer now can design the tattoo look well with 3D-anatomical placing info.
  • Skin: Do you have any conditions which may affect on having a tattoo? Even moles do, as it is not recommendable to tattoo on them. If you hesitate, always consult your own doctor in all unsure cases before having a tattoo.

For me, is always good to meet one who is having a tattoo. Then I can read better, what person is looking for, understand references and get the vibes for the tattoo. Booking for appointment and getting touch via e-mail is always handy and I do it gladly like that, but consultation face to face is always better with larger tattoos.


Sailor Frencie, cover-up tattoo. 2014

For example, with this lovely Frenchie- work I had pleasure to tattoo, we had nice chit-chat about the tattoo:. My client named Linda as well, had and idea of her beloved dog, with nice idea of the dog sailing. Then she gave me free hands, and after her nice description with a detailed photo of the doggie, I got and idea of dog steering a boat in sunset. In my thoughts I added some nice sailor roses in, and draw out the picture from my mind. It is a bit like photoshop screen in my head, where I move around different elements and ideas. When the tattoo design is ready in my canvas of thoughts, I just draw it out be visible in this world. Thanks for counting on me L.

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