The Baltic Sea

Being a tattooer is a great blessing, as you get to meet so many amazing individuals doing their thing. By form of a client, tattoo work gives you every day a new pair of eyes, you have a chance to look at the world for a moment. So during all these years, you get thousands of perspectives to the world we’re living in.

One of the nicest angles I’ve got to see many times, was this research diver Pauliina from University of Helsinki I’ve laughed with, and who has been telling me great stories from the sea while tattooing. She dives a lot in our Baltic Sea, which is totally unique ecosystem. It is very vulnerable inland sea, and needs our attention.

As we swap a lot of ideas and thoughts, I asked her, what would be the best thing that could happen to the Baltic Sea? She had two things to point out: First, agricultural emissions should be in some sort of frame in all countries gathered around the sea, as one of the main problems is euthrophication. Secondly, people should go there and see, that it is not all algae porridge, and there is still a lot of actions doable for it. Good communal decisions, good politics, she said. And I said ‘Amen’ after that.

There are several trusts and organizations working for Baltic Sea. You can donate for sea protection work for example in

There she goes, though not in Baltic Sea in this photo taken by Petra Pohjola. Cover picture of Baltic Sea jellyfish by Pauliina Saarman.


We do this kind of tattoos while talking about ocean protection.

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