Ocean brings people together


Moment, when you hear no talking, no motors, no music. Just the ocean talk.

I keep admiring of the vast capability sea has to wipe off all unnecessary: Within the ocean, only the important core matters are left in.

I was on a short leg for getting this particular sailboat safe under upcoming fall. We sailed on the front of southern Finland shoreline. As working gast, I met this wonderful sailor Marjaana I navigated with. As you focus on right routes, sea signs, wind, beautiful views, you focus on nothing else. You just have to get along. In harsh conditions, you basically die, if you don’t. So when working knowing that unconsciously, all the rest is ripped off from your mind.

And that’s one of the powers ocean masters, making people leaving behind all modern life problems, and bonding together as the essentials of humanity in us. With my fellow sailor, we did bond very well, and had a lot to talk about besides finding the way to the next harbor. Another glass of sparkling wine laters buddy!





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