Kayaking on Helsinki seashore

enlight62Love many, trust a few, and learn how to paddle your own canoe… So they wise native Americans will say.

Kayaking is like trekking on ocean, which suits to me perfectly. When weather is sunny and clear, it is joyful stuff to do in front of Helsinki. I went out paddling with my brother just the other day: Straight out of the shore, swap the news and just enjoy the ocean.

reittikajakkiHere is one of my regular routes to follow by: It is a good sports, bathing under sun, and admiring beautiful seashore. It is pretty similar to Y-10 route, an event held by local ocean kayaking association Merimelojat. Perfect core training I’ll say. There are nice architecture to glance by at route passing by of western Helsinki islands: Kuusisaari, Lehtisaari, Kaskisaari & Lauttasaari.



Sibling life on water.

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