Tattoos under the sun

When surfing and sailing, you just can’t avoid sun. I personally LOVE sun, but my tattoos don’t. Tattoos are permanent, but not as permanent as we think. Surroundings affects to our tattoos, so take care of your skin.

When I was doing Ink N’ Iron -convention in Long Beach, I met this lady in her 70’s. Thing was, she had the most vivid, radiant and well kept tattoos I’ve ever seen. I was fascinated of the condition she had her tattoos on, so naturally I was curious after her secret.

It was super simple. She kept her tattoos well protected from sun with clothing and sunscreen. As you may know, tattoos may be removed with laser. Laser breaks ink molecules inside the skin, so it is capable to leave body with metabolism. Sun beams are actually working in the same way: If you expose your tattoos many years to sun without protection, you kind of laser your tattoos slowly off.

So protect your tattoo, specially fresh ones well with decent sunblock and avoid harsh sunlight. Just like this gentleman client of mine in picture above.


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