Panama mornings

Checking the swell on morning jogging.

After working in Panama City Ink Fest in August 2013, I took off to surf for a few days in the Pacific side of the country. I had found this small, but super tidy and cozy lodge near by small surf rental. As I had so much tattoo gear with me, and was traveling by myself, I wasn’t so eager to carry surfboard with me.

Traveling with nice company, great colleagues, or with the kids, is FUN, but I certainly take all the advantage being on the road  a l o n e. You get all time to sleep late, nobody is organizing for you, there is no-one wanting anything from you and you can do what ever you want.

And for me in Panama it was salty waters and board to wax on the mornings. I hit the Punta Palmar beach break first in the morning, moved after seeing pelicans behind the swell, ate my brunch within time, glanced a good book, sun bathed, jogged, surfed again, slept… and so on. While you are floating like that, you give the much needed space for your mind to be idle. And idleness makes you creative again.

I surfed with Flor whom with I friended with after renting a surfboard from her. Her story got many joints to mine: She left from Argentina to sail across the world, but her road led her to surf in Panama with her son. You remember always people you surfed or sailed with, even if it was just one hour in the water. Besos.

This Panama Lady was born after my idleness.

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