Pacific heartache



Hawaii is a place, where you leave your heart, and cry afterwards your heartache.

I’ve had opportunity to visit Pacific Ink and Art Expo several times in Oahu, which is to me the best tattoo convention ever. Of course I’ve been surfing there, it is a pilgrim for any surfer to surf in islands, where surfing was invented. And those warm waters brings you always joyful sessions.

When tattooing in Hawaii last time August 2016, I met this surfer girl Jolie, who told me old stories from the islands history: How surfing was at first just male privilege, history of traditional Hawaiian tattooing and of course: those surf spots. Hawaii is full of famous spots… Off-The-Wall, Sandy Beach, Waimea Bay and so on. I took my kids surf to Queens and Canoes spot, better known Waikiki. It is super crowded spot with tourists, but very mellow for kids to surf.

One of the best memories I have with our family life, is that my tanned kids wake me super early their rash-guards already on: “Mom wake-up, wake-up, let’s go surfing, let’s go surfing!”

Until next time, mahalo.

Surfer dude.




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