Hitting the storm

Gods of weather are moody, so the conditions on the sea may change fast.


SailMate is handy app to use in coast of Finland.

And so they did in on our leg from Kasnäs to Hanko, when we started to transfer my friend Jonni’s boat back to home harbor after cruising the whole summer in Finnish archipelago. Distance was pretty short, forecast looked nice, and route was familiar.

Pretty near our destination, wind started to fasten up, and rain came out of the blue. We didn’t have many mails to sail, we actually could almost see the harbor, but all the conditions just got worse. We pulled all the sails down early enough, but still had hard time to struggle with moody seafaring. Swell started to rise, and we were just focusing to read right seamarks and navigate smoothly. Finnish archipelago is full of rocks, skerries and shallows, so you need to follow tightly your map.

While landfalling to harbor, wind was 19m/s in blusters. Wind was pushing the boat hard towards shore, but thanks to our skipper, we got safely into nice slot without a scratch in the side of the sailing boat. Sound of the wind at the harbor was so strong: You respect it deeply, but also love the feeling of strong powers of the nature.

We were soooo tired, but somehow very content after pulling it all together in sudden, extreme conditions. Gods were on our side in that day. Sauna and beer was very welcomed before dropping out to sleep.

Sale safe people, and remember Finnish ocean rescue instructions and -number in emergencies: 0294 1000. Meripelastusohje

Skipper haves a grin no matter what weather.

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