Sailor tattoo

Sailors have been taking tattoos decades, so the tattoo culture is strong among marine people. As I have been tattooing over 17 years, I’ve tattooed many real life sailors. Somehow I get really well along with these professional sailors, so many of them have stayed in my life as good friends.

Old school sailor tattooing have a strong place in tattoo history. Great info may be found from Sailor Jerry – iconic tattooer – pages.  My tattooing style is not so authentic as old school sailor tattooing is. My recommendations for that style studios goes in Helsinki for Impact Tattoo to Jussi and Tomi. They are very nice lads, as well as are my collagues abroad: If you end up in US area, get your sailor tattoos from Shannon Nordin or Tony Riccio.


SWALLOW means 5 000 nautical miles. Two of them is then 10 000 NM. Swallow also symbolizes the concept of retur: Returning home, and when sailor died at the sea, returning to heaven by swallow carrying the soul. I got chance to tattoo these birds to this real life sailor: She really has sailed these miles, and wayyyyy over.


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