Bengtskär lighthouse

Begtskär lighthouse has been on my list a long time to pay a visit, as it is one of the best know lighthouse in Finland. Place has interesting history, and stands strong on the rocks in southwest of Finnish archipelago. There is even an option to spend the night over there, which must be amazing during autumn storms of the Baltic Sea.

Surroundings of Begtskär is very rocky, and many ships have sunken there before the lighthouse was built. It was lit for the first time in 1906. People lived in small island back in the days in rough weather conditions. There was Hollywood-style battle in year 1941 between Finland and Soviet Union.

As lighthouses are moderated automatically these days, there are no lighthouse keepers anymore. (Too bad, my dream job has gone.) They still need maintenance, and one advocate for them is Suomen Majakkaseura – Finnish Lighthouse Society. They are enthusiastic lighthouse people, and take care of these marine navigating lights.

For me it was perfect day, as I may find my self spotting different lighthouses where I move. I find them so interesting, as back in the days you really needed to know how to navigate in the sea. There were no GPS, satellites and marine signs, except lighthouses. You needed to know the speed, all the traps and rocks, swell, tides, wind and the stars. Respect.


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