Pulling lines

While handling all the sails on the sail boat, you need good sailing gloves when pulling all those lines. My old ones were worn out, so I bought these new ones from Musto.

After using them during few legs, have to say they are really good, strong quality. Specially two open fingers are handy when operating with halyards while lifting up the main sail. My previous ones were so worn out, that grip was pretty sloppy. These new ones are made of strong material, and holds objects really well in my hands. Inspector Räihä approves.

I also use gripgloves from Musto when training. They are nice to operate with thinner lines. As I am the McGyver of my own life, I adjusted these ones by cutting of the top of thumb and first finger for better usability when fixing sails. When not smoking your Belmont, just burn a bit the cutting edge with lighter, so the fabric wont burst off.

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