Archipelago of Finland

Jurmo island with heart-shaped tree.

My old friends, godparents for my kids, Riina & Jonni invited me and my kids to sail with them in archipelago last June in southwest of Finland. Anjou, very dear boat to me, is a old fashioned sailing boat. Archipelago of Finland is one the most beautiful place where I’ve been in to, and just in the backyard of biggest cities of Finland. Nature of Finland is one of the most clean in the whole world, which is a good thing. Our Baltic Sea is not in so good shape. I have this inspirational client of mine, who is ocean research scientist who “lectures” always about the Baltic Sea and very important saline pulses.

Exploring our archipelago is very exciting, but also weighting our ecosystem. There are several organizations and trusts protecting the unique system, but is still need of our everyday actions. John Nurminen trust is doing important work, as well as WWF. One most of visible in harbors is Pidä Saaristo Siistinä Ry –  Keep the Archipeago Tidy association, as sailing between beautiful islands.

Archipelago is magic with small harbor restaurants (Best fish and chips in the whole world may be found in restaurant Scola in Barösund), ruff – but beautiful nature and not so salty ocean ecosystem. My recommendations, but travel with nature in your mind.

Sailor girl investigating archipelago.

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